Class | Book of Revelation


Download questions and notes from our 2019-2021 Bible class as a springboard for your own primer study on the book of Revelation. This PDF presentation details our approach and objectives and provides topics for discussion for each chapter of the book.

From the Introduction:
"In the past, many expositors have focused in detail on the symbolism of this book. What do all the symbols mean, and why? What future and historical events does the book portray? How do they compare to historical record?

While such expositions may be valuable, the focus on symbolic detail in these writings often breaks up the book in such a way that readers may end up more familiar with arguments for specific symbols than with an overall familiarity of the narrative flow of John's vision.

While our class discussed and compared possible interpretations for some symbolism, our overall approach was mostly intended to build a greater familiarity with the overarching narrative structure and patterns of the book. Familiarity with the book did not always mean that we became more certain about specific schools of thought; rather, it often helped us form more questions that we had not previously considered..."